5 Smartphone Accessories Trends Under $30

Today’s smartphones are packed with great features. But no matter how many features have been crammed into your phone, the right accessories take your device and turn it into something even more special. If you want to take better photos, enjoy longer battery life, or make use of smart features, varied accessories can amplify our phone’s abilities.

We found some cool smartphone accessories that are actually useful, and not just a toy that you discard in a few days.Want to get more out of your phone? Try these smartphone accessories that are useful, fun, and budget-friendly..

PopSockets Expanding Phone Stand and Grip

PopSockets are expanding grips and stands that attach to most phones, tablets, and cases with a repositionable, washable adhesive pad. It’s an awesome little piece of flexible plastic that lives on the back of your phone that pop’s out (or in) when you need it.

As our phones are getting bigger, it has become more and more difficult to control the device with just one finger. That’s mostly because you’re other fingers are wrapped around the other side of the phone to secure it.

The Popsocket moves this point of leverage to the middle of the phone and your thumb is unshackled. You have freedom again on a big screen device or an iPhone, which are notoriously difficult to control with one finger.

There are loads of other benefits. You can watch movies or videos with your phone propped up, you can play spin the bottle with your phone , you can use it as a stand and so on.

The best feature of the Popsocket is that it virtually guarantees that you will not scratch your phones camera lens.

Price: $2.43 | Buy Now


Power Bank Universal Portable Charger – 8800mAh

For all you serial meeting-goers, look no further than the Power Bank Universal Portable Charger. This charger allows you to use your tablet and smartphone even when you don’t have time to stop and recharge them at a wall outlet.You want to have an extended camping trip? Power Bank Universal Portable Charge is the perfect companion for you and your devices. Nestle in a tent and watch a movie or two! It’s even got a handy flashlight you need to light your tent in the dark!

The 8800mAh capacity is ideal during business trips, outdoor activities, or multimedia viewing. Dual USB charging ports can charge multiple devices at once. It has one 2.1A ouput port, for quickly charging tablets and other high power consumption devices. The device can be in-use while actively charging with one 1.0A output port for smartphones and smaller devices and the built-in LED flashlight. The Outputs are 1 x USB 5V/2.1A, 1 x USB 5V/1.0A. Input: 1 x mico USB 5V/1.5A

Price: $27.75 | Buy Now

Elough Qi Samsung Galaxy Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is becoming a big deal these days, with many flagship devices now offering built-in wireless charging capabilities. The Samsung’s entire line of Galaxy devices all offer this, with the newer models even supporting speedier wireless charging.

This charger is very easy to use – simply drop phone to start charging
Crafted for maximum efficiency and safety small size high energy,
with a light indicator to show charging status.You can charge your smartphone without cables or a USB interface.It has a silicone antislip mat and you will never worry your phone slips away from the charging position. It is compatible with any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. The

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Charger utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology that eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. Perfect for at home or the office, the dedicated charging stand is always at the ready, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on the stand. The stand was designed to allow you to still use your device while charging, propping it up so you can navigate music, review notifications and answer calls without having to interrupt charging.

Price: $12.87 | Buy Now

Selfie Universal LED Flash Phone Ring

Are you in the search for an inexpensive and easy to use LED Selfie Light for your phone? Be sure to check out this Universal LED Flash Phone Ring. It may be a big help for your lighting needs.

The Selfie Universal LED Flash Phone Ring has 3 Mode lighting, you can take up to 1000 fill light photos when full of electricity. Support front and back camera shooting, reaching natural light effect
beautify the face and make the eyes bright in the photography. Simple operation, just clip on the phone and press the switch at the top, then start your fun.
Ring type macro flash light designed particularly for close-up, medical, scientific, forensic photography, etc.
Micro ring flash lLight provide lenses fill light effect for creative photography and videography in dark environment It illuminates the subject, no matter how low the lighting conditions are.

The ring is equally as useful when you clip the light the other direction and use it to take regular (non selfie) pictures. It’s great that you can take it on and off and it doesn’t add any permanent “bulk” to your phone. It also weighs next to nothing. This is a great addiction for the amateur mobile photo buff. Overall a great product.

Price: $13.50 | Buy Now

Shock Dirt and Waterproof iPhone Armor Aluminium Case

This case is a solid statement: styled in a very contemporary manner and extremely durable, it is both functional and practical. A reasonable amount of engineering and testing must have gone into this product as there are many features such as the rubber patch on the back helps it grip surfaces while protecting the ones you place it on.

Made of high-quality material: Aluminum. Waterproof * Shockproof * Dustproof. Fashion design, easy to put on and easy to take off. Tempered glass protecting the phone fragile screen with anti-fouling and anti-glare function. Protect your phone from dust, scratching and shock. Fashion, style, luxury, handcrafted precision, dynamic performance and advanced processing skills. Protect your valuable investment from being scratched and damaged.

It’s designed specifically for your Apple iPhone. Precise cutouts, moldings, shock guards and dust guards keep your home button, camera, speaker, ports and other functions fully accessible and protected.

Price: $21.60 | Buy Now



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